Spanish OG NFT artist, selected by in the list 100 TOP MOST CREATIVE BUSINESS 2023. Award-winning and versatil artist experimenting with generative art, artificial intelligence, Adobe Cloud, JavaScript,3D, AR...etc, and focusing in her most intimate collection PAINFUL where I reflect the pain I feel, the love, the hate, my fears, and the most intimate part of my being. I exhibited and auctioned all over the world, including the NASDAQ BILLBOARD in NYC, MOCA, HIVE, NIFTIES NFT.NYC 2020, CAFA CHINA, NFT.NYC TIMES SQUARE 2021-24, Cryptoart Island VIP in Gibraltar (Wisekeys), Alcalá Subastas Madrid, Templum Fine Art Subastas (Barcelona), Fauve Fine Art (Paris), Duran Subastas Madrid, KHON FUTURE (Bangkok UNESCO), Artemiza Foundation USA, UNESCO IAIAP (Italy), International Festival at Saba Gallery (Teheran/Iran), Graffiti Queens (Descentraland), Cryptovoxels and Descentraland VR Gallery, as well as a screening at the Denver Clock Tower.